Zamid | Services :

“Zamid approaches their work with professionalism and always labor to produce quality deliverables within the agreed timeframes” Catholic Relief Services


“What I liked most about Zamid is that they approach their work from a partnership perspective going out of their way to build the capacity of the staff wherever they can” Safe Somali Women and Children


“Zamid produces clear and concise reports with actionable recommendation that are derived from the findings and results that clearly identify who is responsible for the action with realistic timelines” Oxfam Novib


“The consultants at Zamid are conscious of the context with which they work, they are aware of the socio-cultural and political dynamics and utilize the set output their results into context in a practical and useful manner” Islamic Relief Worldwide


“The consultants at Zamid apply innovative techniques to meaningfully involve the target beneficiaries in the evaluation process. This allows space for the beneficiaries to add their voice in the report through intext quotation, compelling case studies and human interest stories that are quite useful in capturing the impact of the interventions” Adeso